When you stare into the void, the void stares back; but if you cast into the void, you get a type conversion error. --Charles Stross

I love the Logitech M705 mouse.

i recently bought a Logitech M705 mouse from Sam's Club and I am in love with it. So much so that I bought four more for my other computers. I am using Logitech K750 keyboards for my Apple computers, and the M705 mouse shares the same USB dongle. One dongle for two devices. I have used bluetooth for keyboards and mice before, but I much prefer USB. If you are in the market for a new mouse, then I highly recommend the Logitech M705. It works great on both Windows and Mac OSX. UPDATE: 03/12/2012I spilled Coke on one of my K750 keyboards and tried disassembling it so I can clean it. DON'T DO THAT! The K750 is NOT dissamble-able. You will DESTROY it trying. I did. On the positive side, it appears that if you run the keyboard under a stream of ... [More]

Installing Ubuntu 11.10 on a Dell Optiplex 755

I have an old Dell Optiplex 755 SFF (Small Form Factor) that is one of my favorite PCs.  You can get one like it here, for about $180... Mine has a 300GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM (All easily and cheaply upgradable). On Saturday (Dec 31, 2011) I was attempting to install Ubuntu 11.10 on it, but I couldn't boot to the install DVD. I had downloaded the correct Ubuntu image, and burned it to DVD on my Intel iMac (OSX Lion). After the burn process, it verified the disk and everything appeared ok. The problem was, it wasn't bootable. After wasting a few hours trying to make the machine boot from a "bootable" DVD, I gave up, threw the DVD away and re-downloaded the iso (just in c... [More]