When you stare into the void, the void stares back; but if you cast into the void, you get a type conversion error. --Charles Stross

Who doesn't want a car elevator?

Mitt Romney may not be the most conservative candidate in the republican race, but he will likely win the nomination. I have recently heard derogatory rumblings in the republican realm, that his new home in La Jolla, has car elevators. HECK YEAH! Who among you doesn't want car elevators in your own home? I dang sure do! A car elevator in every garage and a wagyu T-Bone in every frying pan. That's a vision of America I can get behind.

My new DasKeyboard.

I recently ordered the DasKeyboard for Mac, as featured here... Unfortunately the one they sent me was crap. I crafted this email to them, asking for an RMA and replacement... Dear DasKeybord,  I rcently ordered a DasKeyboard fo my Mac. I was excitd when yo guys annonced a keyboard mde secificaly fo macs. I ordered o immeditly. Yor websit sid that the keyboard woldnt ship until April 16; but I was excited o learn that my keyboard had shipped o April 4. I receivd it o April 5th and connectd it to my 27" iMac today (April 6, 212). Unfortunatly I am unabl o effectivly use th keyboard s it drops way too many chracters as I type. I hav crafted thi email usig yor keyboard. I am ... [More]