"Save me, oh God, from people who have no sense of humor."
— Ludlow Porch

Ouch! Gold prices are potty

Gold has taken a serious hit lately. I really expected it to go to $2000/oz by the end of the year, but it has tanked lately. I have a lot of money in Gold and Silver and am saddened to see it go south like this.

Of course, it will go up again early next year.

Regarding RabbitMQ...

My friend and colleague Joe Fitzgerald says...

"Rabbit will now properly scale on Windows now that Erlang runs 64-bit on Windows. You could only address ~1.2 GB prior to this release, meaning that the Rabbit high-water mark (after which it would start flushing to disk) was somewhere in the range of 450MB.

With this announcement – and the IronFoundry stuff – I think the pieces are finally starting to come together for scalable cross-platform apps."

The plan is to release something on IronFoundry soon...

  • Running

    Those of you who see me on a daily basis know this, but I am NOT a runner.

    My neighbor gets up early every morning and runs; and it pisses me off. What's he running from!? If I wanted to punish myself with pain over an extended period of time I'd ... choose not to.

    Maybe he's training for a race. Does he not know that the first runner of a marathon, Philippides (My namesake) died immediately?

    Running is what I do after eating Thai food, and at the end of my run is a toilet.

    The only reason marathons are still around is so that a thousand white people can chase three black people through the streets of their city, like the "good ol' days". No white person will ever beat a Kenyan. They have been running from things their whole life. "Lions and Tigers and AIDS, Oh My!"



    Joe Paterno's career dies with a whimper

    Joe Paterno is quite possibly the greatest coach of all time. Now, at 85, his career ends with a whimper. 

    Apparently he knew that Jerry Sandusky was a perv and was knowledgeable about his escapades, but didn't let anyone else know.

    It is a terrible shame that Joe Paterno's career ends in such a shameful way. Let this be a lesson to all of us. If we ever see someone behaving in a way that brings shame to us, we should ALWAYS speak up. Especially in a situation like this where an innocent was being harmed.

    Though Joe Paterno isn't guilty of Jerry Sandusky's crimes, he is guilty of complicity and should be held liable. 

    If Jerry Sandusky is guilty of the alleged crimes, he should be executed. Crimes against children are an especially horrendous offense and should be met with an especiallly horrendous punisment. 

    Brad A Ohlemeier; childhood friend

    I went to grade school, Junior high and high school with Brad Ohlemeier from Denton Texas. His father and my grandmother were good friends and for a short period, he and his parents lived with my grandmother while their house in hidden valley was being built.

    Just tonight I called Brad and actually got a hold of him on his phone. It was really good to hear from him and I am really happy to have reconnected with quite possibly my oldest childhood friend.

    I met Brad when I was in grade school and his father was recently out of the military and interested in the real-estate business in North Texas. My grandmother took him under her wing and helped him get his start in the business. Brad and I were the same age and both attended the grade school in Lake Dallas, Texas.

    While we were in grade school, juniior high and late high school, Brad and I were good friends. Through my life I have often thought of Brad and wished we hadn't grown apart.

    Tonight while searching for "Brad Ohlemeier" on my facebook, I decided to venture off onto the interwebs, and I stumbled across his real phone number. I called it on Skype on my iMac, and he answered. We had a nice conversation and I was a teenager again.

    It is so good to connect with old friends. I heartily recommend you do it if you have the chance. Call Brad Ohlemeier, or Tammy Fox, or David Teichmann, or Mike Adkisson, or David Hineman, or John Carter, or any of my old childhood friends... or maybe even better, call your own childhood friends instead of mine.    

    To Brad's wife, My phone number is 719 357-MAGNUM. Please make sure he calls me from time to time. I think it important that we stay connected; as quite possibly the oldest relationship outside of famiy. His phone number is in my cell. I'll be sure to call him from time to time.

    Enabling Aero Glass Transparency in Windows Server 2008 R2 on VMWare.

    I am building a new development environment on Windows Server 2008 R2. I have followed the steps outlined on but couldn't get Aero Glass transparency enabled. I finally figured it out and so I thought I'd share it, because I see that many people have this problem.

    Getting Aero transparency to work in Windows Server 2008 R2 in VMWare.

    By default, 3d acceleration is disabled in VMWare. For some reason this doesn't adversely affect Windows 2008 Server or Windows 7; just Windows Server 2008 R2. The fix is to force VMWare to enable 3d acceleration. TO do so, add the following lines to the VMX file for the virtual machine...

    mks.enable3d = TRUE

    svga.vramSize = 67108864

    I put them at the very bottom. It doesn't matter, because VMWare will rearrange the file to its liking.  

    Save the file and restart your VM. When it comes up, you should have Aero Glass transparency.