Jul 22
This is a response to a question posted on Linked In. The question was, "Are development methodologies such as Agile, hurting the industry in the long run?" You can read the entire discussion here... http://lnkd.in/YN9eQX Jeff Stokes Du Bose, one of my favorite posters on the Linked In software development discussion boards, had a very well considered response, which I have re-posted here without permission. If you want to read the original post, follow the above link. I post it here for my own selfishness, in case the discussion is ever archived. [More]
Mar 01
I downloaded and installed the excellent and FREE Axosoft product, Rocket SVN Server. I am highly appreciative of Axosoft for making such a great product and making it available for FREE! I also use AxoSoft Ontime for which I pay. They make great developer products and I hope they have a nice long, and lucrative life. However, the decisions they made regarding how I should use it, are maddening. [More]