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— Ludlow Porch

Enabling the audio controls in Chrome's tabs.

Some web pages start playing ads and bellowing at you when you load them. I HATE it. On Chrome I have to right click the tab and select "Mute tab". The result is that the little speaker icon on the offending tab shows a slash across it.

To allow the tab to play again, you have to right click it, and select "un-mute tab".

It sucks. I hate it and I wish muted tabs were the default. Short of that, this is a quicker way to shut the tabs up...

Use the Mute Tab Shortcuts extension.

    1. Type chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting into your address bar and press enter.
    2. Click Enable and restart Chrome.

Now, when you encounter a lousy, people hating noisy tab, you can just click the audio icon on the offending tab to mute or un-mute it.

mute icon

Update: 1/5/2018
I have noticed lately that just clicking on the sound icon no longer mutes the tab. You now have to right-click the tab and select "Mute Tab".