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— Ludlow Porch

iMac Core i7

I am a software developer. I write software that targets the Microsoft .NET framework. I have switched to a Mac for all of my development work. You can too.

About a year ago, I bought a 15" Macbook pro for my 16 year-old daughter, for her birthday. I was on a business trip to Oak RIdge, Tennessee and took her new laptop with me before i gave it to her. While on the trip, I fell in love with the operating system.

For the past eight years or so, I have done all my work on a VMWare virtual machine. I haven't installed a development environment on my host operating system in as long. Therefore, the switch to Mac was seamless. I purchased VWare Fusion (for mac), ~$70, and just copied my virtual machines over to the new mac without a hitch. VMWare Fusion ran my old PC VM's without any problems.

When my wife decided that she needed a new laptop (and asked for a cheap netbook), I purchased her a 13" Macbook Pro. She fell in love with it immediately. Later, I needed to replace my old HP laptop with a faster one. I decided on a  unibody, 15" Macbook Pro and am soooo happy I did.

Recently it came time to replace my desktop with a new machine. I had been using the same virtual machines, copying them back and forth from my old Windows desktop to my new Macbook Pro. I decided to go all the way and replace my desktop with a Mac. I had researched a little and bought a 27" base model iMac. After a little research (on the new iMac) I decided that I had made a mistake. I wanted the new Intel Core i7, 27" iMac instead.

I went back to the Apple store in Colorado Springs, where I had purchased the new iMac not a week earlier. They said that although they don't carry the Core i7 iMac, they will be happy to take this one back and not charge me any restocking fee as long as I order my new Core i7 iMac from their store.

So, tomorrow, I plan on returning this beautiful new, 27" Core 2 Duo iMac, and ordering a new 27" Quad Core i7 iMac and paying them an extra $500. It will take a week or so to receive my new, hairy-chested iMac, but it will be well worth the wait. Did you know that the new Core i7 iMac will hyper-thread eight processor cores? Did you know that the new Core i7 iMac has a powerful ATI Radeon HD 4850 graphics card with 512MB of GDDR3 memory?

Yeah. Me either. But it does.

According to independent benchmarks, the new iMac is far more powerful than the Mac Pro at about half the price. Especially considering the fact that the Mac Pro doesn't even offer a 27" monitor option.

If you are a Windows developer, I highly recommend upgrading your development machines to Mac.

The Core i7 iMacs are delayed three weeks. Apparently they are so popular that Apple hasn't all the parts they need to keep up with the demand. I ordered mine with the remote control and I see that it has shipped, but the computer itself won't ship until about the 12th of February, and I won't likely get it until the middle of the following week. Here's hoping that it all comes together a bit earlier.  On the plus side, they won't charge my credit card until the computer ships.

More Update:
I placed my order from the Apple store on Friday Jan 22. I got an email last night at 11:49 PM, that says my new iMac shipped yesterday. Only one week and five days from the time I ordered it. Apparently the three week lead time has a lot of wiggle room in it for the iMac factory. Hopefully Apple has solved the screen problems with the 27" iMac. FedEx is showing the estimated delivery date as Feb 8 (Monday), so I am very excited.