"Save me, oh God, from people who have no sense of humor."
— Ludlow Porch

Why I won't extend my Skype In number.

I have had a Skype In number for a few years. When I first bought it, it cost me about $20 per year. I thought that was a good price for having a real number that people could use to call me on Skype. That and the ability to have Skype forward all calls to my cell phone when I wasn't at the computer, made my SkypeIn number very useful.

Last year, when I went to extend the number for another year, the cost had gone up to $35 I think. I moaned, and paid it. It was still a good value.

This year, I went to extend my Skype In number and see that it has increased again to $60 per year, plus they have changed Skype Out to a subscription-based service that they want $2.95 per month for. Skype Out used to be a service that came with Skype In for free. Now, they offer a discount for Skype In, as long as you buy a Skype Out subscription at the same time, but the price has still increased by about 100% overall in the last year.

I see a trend here. I don't want to spend any more time, dependent on a service that insists on doubling its rate every year. I like Skype and think it is may be the best VOIP service out there, but if outfits like Magic Jack can give me a phone number and unlimited VOIP service for $20 per year AND include custom hardware (to be fair they charge $40 for the first year to offset the hardware costs), then Skype's prices are gouging pure and simple.

The whole point of Skype and what makes it so attractive is the low-cost. If they continue to pursue this high-cost path then the service becomes much less compelling. EBay buying Skype has been the worst thing to happen to the service since its inception. I won't continue to support it financially until I am convinced that it is returning to its roots.