"Save me, oh God, from people who have no sense of humor."
— Ludlow Porch

Drinking at 9:00 AM is totally acceptable behavior in the airport.

While waiting in the Denver airport, for an 11:10 AM flight to nashville, tennessee, I am sitting at a Quizno's in terminal A, that happens to be next door to a bar. The bar seems to be loosely associated with the Quizno's, because the barmaid keeps hawking Quizno's sandwiches and salads to the bar patrons. 

Many bar patrons are drinking beer, whisky and gin drinks at 9:00 AM. This would be totally unacceptable behavior outside of an airport setting. Apparently since airport patrons have been or will be traveling. The time zone excuse makes for a drinky drinkin' good time! 

The barmaid seems to be in her late thirties, and is enjoying the heck out of offering a "hot weenie" to every person who stops by. Apparently the Quizno's here offers a "hot weenie" sandwich on the menu. She seems to be cleaning up on the tips.   I am sitting near a "25-year-old" kid who's washing down a Quizno's Turkey Sub with a bud-lite; at 9:00 AM!  It's surreal.

The barmaid was nice enough to refill the water bottle that I had to dump out before crossing into the airport's "secure zone". She even refilled it with soda water for free! ... but I did buy a caesar salad from her.