"Save me, oh God, from people who have no sense of humor."
— Ludlow Porch

Dang! I Wanted GMail Motion to be Real.

Last Friday, I was sent the link by a coworker and was initially fooled by GMail Motion and I wanted it! The further I got into the video though, the more I realized that the date carried an ominous message.

Microsoft's April Fool's joke was easier to spot, but didn't make me cry, "WANT!" like the gmail one did.

I now DEMAND that Google make a GMail Motion product that at least allows me to gesture in order to manage my gmail messages. The part about actually typing messages using gestures is stupid, unless it can learn American Sign Language. A great first step would be the ability to open, reply, reply all, delete, etc..

Google... GET ON IT! You pranked me and it tuned into work. MAKE IT SO!

Update: 4/7/2011
A hobbyist took his Kinect module and wrote up a little code that allows him to control GMail with gestures. Mostly like in Google's April Fool's day joke! See the video here.