"Save me, oh God, from people who have no sense of humor."
— Ludlow Porch

Brad A Ohlemeier; childhood friend

I went to grade school, Junior high and high school with Brad Ohlemeier from Denton Texas. His father and my grandmother were good friends and for a short period, he and his parents lived with my grandmother while their house in hidden valley was being built.

Just tonight I called Brad and actually got a hold of him on his phone. It was really good to hear from him and I am really happy to have reconnected with quite possibly my oldest childhood friend.

I met Brad when I was in grade school and his father was recently out of the military and interested in the real-estate business in North Texas. My grandmother took him under her wing and helped him get his start in the business. Brad and I were the same age and both attended the grade school in Lake Dallas, Texas.

While we were in grade school, juniior high and late high school, Brad and I were good friends. Through my life I have often thought of Brad and wished we hadn't grown apart.

Tonight while searching for "Brad Ohlemeier" on my facebook, I decided to venture off onto the interwebs, and I stumbled across his real phone number. I called it on Skype on my iMac, and he answered. We had a nice conversation and I was a teenager again.

It is so good to connect with old friends. I heartily recommend you do it if you have the chance. Call Brad Ohlemeier, or Tammy Fox, or David Teichmann, or Mike Adkisson, or David Hineman, or John Carter, or any of my old childhood friends... or maybe even better, call your own childhood friends instead of mine.    

To Brad's wife, My phone number is 719 357-MAGNUM. Please make sure he calls me from time to time. I think it important that we stay connected; as quite possibly the oldest relationship outside of famiy. His phone number is in my cell. I'll be sure to call him from time to time.