"Save me, oh God, from people who have no sense of humor."
— Ludlow Porch

Do Not Buy A Colibri Lighter!

They are crap.

I smoke about three cigars a month, and probably the same number of pipe bowls. About two years ago I bought a Colibri pipe lighter at the local tobacconist shop. I want to say I spent about $60 for it. Here's a picture...

The lighter NEVER held gas for more than ten minutes. I'd fill it up and then smoke a cigar or pipe. Then a week or so later, I'd try to light another cigar or pipe, and it'd be out of gas. I'd fill it up and light my smoke.

Then about a week or so later, I'd try to light up a cigar or pipe, and find the lighter empty again.

A few weeks ago I filled up the lighter and listened to it. It made a hissing sound for abut ten minutes and then was out of gas. Apparently the Colibri quality control allowed leaky lighter out of the factory.

I took it back to the tobacconist that I bought it from and they said, "Oh We haven't sold Colibri lighters now for over a year. They are crap and we had way too many customers bring them back, so we decided not to sell them anymore. You need to contact Colibri customer support."

I decided to buy a new ighter from them (a Xikar that rocks) and just take it in the shorts on the Colibri. Here's my new Xikar

I have contacted Colibri and hope that they will eventually replace my crappy lighter with a good one, but I have slim hopes.

So, My advice to you is, if you want to spend the money on a good lighter, expect to spend between $50 and $75 but demand quality for that money. Don't wait a year to report trouble, and don't buy a Colibri. Colibri sucks and they don't warranty their products for very long.Xikar makes great products and they warranty them for life.