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Hand Made Cribbage Boards

Hand-made cribbage boards.

This guy in Montana has super-nice hand-made cribbage boards. The big plus is that they have a slide out pocket for the pegs and a deck of cards. I saw them at the art fair in Manitou Springs, Colorado this last Monday and was super impressed. I want to buy the maple one (the one pictured above) but couldn't justify the $95 expense.

I have been playing cribbage since my stint in Navy back in the mid eighties. Mary Ann and I play it regularly on a cheapie wal-mart board. I seriously want that maple board and will eventually buy it.

If any of you like to play cribbage, then this is the ONLY guy to buy a custom cribbage board from. I have handled them and can say without a doubt that his are the best.

Here is his cribbage board link...