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— Ludlow Porch

Disabling "Prompt for Password on Wakeup"

I got a new laptop at the end of the year. While configuring it (I'm a bit of a power-user and like my laptops configured in a specific way) I tried to remove the onerous "require password when the computer awakens". Unfortunately the domain of my company had enforced the policy. Drag.

I use a severely complex password in order to provide real security. It's not a sentence, or an array of sentence letters, or anything in any way related to me. It in fact is a generated password that looks something like this...  "g4JGmU{Y2xX". That one is NOT my password. It's just another generated one based on the same algorithm as the one that I generated before.

Anyway, as you can see, entering that password over and over again, is pure hell. It keeps my laptop secure, but is a bitch to enter. I have it on my phone, in an application called "1Password", and I have to enter yet a separate password in order to unlock my 1Password application so that I can see this hairy-chested password and enter it.

In an effort to keep my power usage down, I have my laptop set to sleep itself as quickly as possible when on battery, therefore I need to disable the "prompt for password on wakeup" in order to make my life easier. I am responsible enough to lock my computer when I leave it, so I don't need this corporate big-brotherism interfering with the way I work. I looked up a way around the domain restriction but unfortunately I was unable to find what I needed. Then I began to dig in the registry and came upon this...

make sure your registry is backed up before trying to edit it. You have been warned. 

  • Run RegEdit
  • Open the following key...


  • Edit the value "PromptPasswordOnResume", changing the value from "1" to "0".
  • If the value "PromptPasswordOnResume" doesn't exist, then create a new 32-bit DWord value called "PromptPasswordOnResume" and set its value to "0" 
  • Save and exit the registry.

After you reboot (at least in my case) awakening the computer from sleep does NOT require a password, although the normal interface screens where you set this value still appear to have the setting that will require it to. In other words, it seems to be a simple hack that overrides the setting and makes life nicer.

Good luck!