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— Ludlow Porch

Installing Startup Disk Creator on Kubuntu

I recently found myself needing to repair some Windows partitions and move files around from an old spinning disk to a new mSata SSD drive. The only Linux flash drive that I had provisioned already was Kubuntu 15.10 live. While I was using it, I needed to create a new bootable flash drive with Ubuntu 16.04 so I could install a new partition on this new SSD running Ubuntu 16.04. Unfortunately Kubuntu doesn't come with Startup Disk Creator already installed on it. If you click the "K" menu and type "Startup" you'll see its missing from the system. No worries...

  • Launch the Konsole terminal
  • Type "sudo apt install usb-creator-gtk"
  • Let it install, and voila.

Now, clicking on the "K" menu and typing "Startup" will allow you to run the Startup Disk Creator.