"Save me, oh God, from people who have no sense of humor."
— Ludlow Porch

Wow... Getting scammed much?

So... I get this email this evening and have my "SCAM" switch flipped on like mad. People like me, who are computer security experts and software security consultants (I call myself a hacker) immediately see the frankly, juvenile attempts of a non-english speaking script kiddie, attempting to fleece "rich 'mercans" - Notice I said "'mercan" and not "Merkin" - of their ill-gotten gains... and are shocked that anyone would ever fall for this bullshit.

I mean, seriously. Would this entice you to enter personal information into ANY website?

... I tried for like, eight seconds to get my Snagit for Mac to do a scrolling capture so that I could post the whole thing, and gave up quickly. Getting Snagit to capture a scrolling region on Mac, Linux and Windows is as difficult as - trying to come up with a simile for difficulty. Suffice it to say, "not easy"... so I gave up and captured what I could see.

I mean... seriously. The bad guys are clearly asking for your, "Personal Information". If you respond to an email like this, then please send me your ... oh what the hell. Money. All of it. Send it to me now.