"Save me, oh God, from people who have no sense of humor."
— Ludlow Porch

Clickbait. just... don't


Ok, I'm not rolling on the floor, laughing my @55 off. I just got carried away with the Internet jargon; but seriously...

OMG! Why are you people clicking on clickbait? When you see it, I promise, you will not be "astonished". You will easily believe what you read. nothing you see in clickbait will leave you "speechless", or "breathless". It will be dull and boring and you won't regret it if you just pass. I use OpenDNS and keep my block lists current so I don't normally see this crapfest. When I travel however, I use hotel wifi and am constantly barraged by an unending slew of BS. Take for example this single screenshot...



I mean, really?! There's something there for everyone. For instance, I'm having a bit of an issue not experiencing the best fight ever. I mean... what's the harm in ... NO! Don't click it. That only leads to more of it. When you click on clickbait, YOU become the problem. Don't be the problem. Be the SOLUTION!

By the way, NOBODY in Germany is hot. Especially not ANY German cops. Don't click on it. Seriously. Don't.