"Save me, oh God, from people who have no sense of humor."
— Ludlow Porch

Raspberry Pi 3. Get one.

So. One of the guys in my class this week sold me on the Raspberry Pi. A friend of mine has been running the Colorado Springs ATC feed on a Raspberry Pi for years. I've always wanted one, but didn't pull the trigger until today.

Today, after leaving my client's site at around noon, I drove to the Micro Center in NoVa, and bought a Raspberry Pi. He told me that they are now about $30, but when I got there, I decided to buy a package with the necessary hardware for about $70. I also bought a wireless keyboard and trackpad for about $30, as well as a 64GB MicroSD card for about $35. I didn't need the 64GB SD Card and you probably don't either, since the pi comes with a 16GB flash drive. I bought the 64GB drive, because I wanted to be able to boot my device into OSMC from the flash device, have lots of room for the videos, and not have to delete Raspbian from the flash card that the Pi came with.