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— Ludlow Porch

Did Your New High-End Android Smartphone Come With Some Un-welcome Software?


Apparently security researchers have scanned a number of smartphones from the major manufacturers and found 36 types that came with malware pre-installed. Hacked Phone

The malware didn't come from Google, Samsung, or any of the manufacturers. Rather it was installed somewhere along the supply-chain before it arrived at the distributer's warehouse. The two malware applications found were Loki and SLocker. Loki is a back-door app that gives the attackers full access to the phone and all data on it; and SLocker is a ransomware app.

How would you feel knowing that your new Android smartphone was already pre-installed with ramsomware, and the attackers are just waiting for you to get a bunch of valuable data on it, before locking it down and demanding a $1000 ransom, payable only in bitcoin? 

Would purchasing your phone from a known entity like Best Buy help to mitigate the risk? I don't know and I'm not sure anyone does at this time.

Here's the list of smartphones found to be pre-infected:

Galaxy Note 2 Galaxy Tab S2
LG G4 Galaxy Tab 2
Galaxy S7 Oppo N3
Galaxy S4 Oppo N3
Galaxy Note 4 Vivo X6 plus
Galaxy Note 5 Nexus 5
Xiaomi Mi 4i Nexus 5X
Galaxy A5 Asus Zenfone 2
ZTE x500 LenovoS90
Galaxy Note 3 OppoR7 plus
Galaxy Note Edge Xiaomi Redmi
Lenovo A850