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Finding Those Beautiful Windows 10 Lock-Screen Images and Using Them for Desktop Wallpaper.

Update 12/28/2020 : Here's an easier way to find the Windows 10 Spotlight images :

If you use Windows 10, sometimes you start your PC up in the morning and are presented with a spectacular image on your screen. Those images can be snagged from a folder buried deep within your profile directory and used as desktop wallpaper. It's not easy, or trivial, but it can be done if you follow these steps. Note, there are Power-User tips here.

  • Log in to Windows normally
  • Open File Explorer (press the Windows key on your keyboard, type "Explorer". Make sure "File Explorer" is selected and hit [Enter].)
  • Power-User Tip! -> In the path bar at the top of the file explorer window, enter this command... 

  • This is a shortcut to the AppData folder within your profile directory. This folder is normally hidden from you so that you don't screw it up.
    Be careful! Don't go deleting things here willy-nilly!
  • From there, browse to ...

  • This is where the files are stored on your computer. Sort the files by size, by clicking on the "Size" header, so that the largest files are on the top. The largest files are likely to be the big desktop wallpaper images used in the lock screen.

  • Select the largest files, right click on the selection and select "Copy".
  • Click on your desktop and create a temp folder.
  • Open it up and paste the files into it.

  • Go back to the desktop.
    Power-User tip! -> Hold your shift key down while right-clicking on the new folder.
  • Select "Open Powershell Window Here".

  • In the Powershell window, type this command...
    Dir | rename-item -newname  { $_.Name +".jpg" }
  • This will add the ".jpg" extension to all of the files so that Windows can tell they are jpg files.
    Note: Some of them may not be jpg files. If this is the case, then they won't be visible as images in the next step.
  • Close your Powershell window and double-click the Temp folder on your desktop to open it.
  • At the top of the File Explorer window, select "View | Extra Large Icons"...

  • Save the images you want to use as Desktop Wallpaper to your %UserProfile%\Pictures directory.
  • From there, you can right-click on the image you like, and select "Set as desktop background".

After you save the files you want, you can delete the "Temp" folder on your desktop.