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Red Hat Linux 8 is Available!

Red Hat Linux 8 has been officially released. If you are a developer and want to use Red Hat, but don't want to pay the $99 developer licensing fee, go register for a free developer account at

Follow these instructions for creating a RHEL 8 x64 Hyper V VM on Windows 10.

If you're not using Windows, or you already have VMWare or Fusion, or Parallels, or VirtualBox that you'd rather use, then skip the Hyper V part of the instructions and  follow the rest of them to create your RHEL8 development environment and configure it with the software development suite.

Don't forget to Have a Lot of Fun! --- that doesn't seem right ;-)

Expecting Professionalism

This is a great presentation by Robert C. Martin. If you care about doing software development right, then watch...


  1. We Will Not Ship Shit!
  2. We Will Always Be Deployable after each sprint.
  3. Stable Productivity.
  4. Inexpensive Adaptability - Easy change.
  5. Continuous Improvement over time.
  6. Fearless Competence thanks to unit tests.
  7. Extreme Quality with consistent issue tracking.
  8. Don't Dump On QA.
  9. No fragile system components.
  10. Cover For Each Other. Make one's self replaceable.
  11. Give honest estimates
  12. Say "No" constructively
  13. Continuous Aggressive Learning
  14. Mentoring - Perpetual Inexperience.