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Reversing the mouse wheel scroll on Windows 10.

Update 5/2/2017: My Windows 10 computer took a new, large update yesterday called the "Windows 10 Creator's Update", and it broke this fix. My mouse now scrolls in the un-natural Windows way again. After checking the registry, the FlipFlopWheel parameter had indeed been switched back to 0 because of the update. This isn't OK Microsoft. I had specifically set that value so that my mouse scrolls the way I want it to. The only way that value is going to be set to something other than 0, is that the user set it that way. For you to come in with your updates and break the user defined functionality is certainly NOT OK! 

Update 8/31/2017: I have since installed two more large Microsoft updates and they each also reset my mouse scroll wheel direction to THEIR preference. I know it's a small thing, but it underscores Microsoft's lack of respect for their user base. There is literally no reason why Microsoft keeps resetting a value that the user has specifically set, whenever they install updates.

Update 8/9/2019: I took Microsoft's big update yesterday just as I was shutting down for the day, and this morning I come in to find my mouse wheel settings, reset back to the default. There's really no excuse for this. Plus, this time I had to restart my PC before the new mouse wheel settings would take effect. Just unplugging my mouse dongle didn't cause the mouse to reload its settings.

Update 3/5/2020: The OS took another update last night, and ... broke my mouse wheel settings. Ugh. I'm glad I posted this some years ago and have it available to refer to when I need it. I love me.

I am used to macs now and I have come to like the reversed mouse scroll wheel setting that they use. When I have to use a Windows or Linux machine, I always have to "fix" the mouse scroll because it drives me crazy.

Here's how to fix it on Windows. Copied from Volker Voecking's blog where he shows how to do it on Windows 7. Luckily it still works on Windows 10...

  1. Find the hardware ID of the mouse

    • Go to the mouse control panel
    • Select “Hardware” tab
    • Click “Properties” button
    • Select “Details” tab
    • From the drop-down list choose “Hardware IDs”
    • Save the VID*** entry ( e.g. VID_045E&PID_0039 )

  2. Find and change the corresponding configuration settings in the registry

    • Run regedit.exe
    • Open Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\HID
    • Here you should find an entry for the hardware ID of your mouse
    • In all sub-keys of the hardware id key look for the “DeviceParameters” key and change the “FlipFlopWheel” value from 0 to 1. Some of the sub-keys may not have the "FlipFlopWheel" setting. Ignore those and move on.

  3. Make it work

    • Unplug the mouse
    • Count to five :-)
    • Plug the mouse back in
    • Update 8/2019 - You may have to restart for the changes to take effect.

For Linux... 

I use Ubuntu Gnome and this works for me. Different distros / desktops may require different instructions. Good luck!

Create a file in your home directory called ".Xmodmap"

    • Run a terminal
    • Type cd ~ to get to your home directory if you're not already there.
    • execute the following command
      sudo gedit .Xmodmap
    • Type your password if it is required
    • *Type the following line in the text file...
      pointer = 1 2 3 5 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    • Save the file
    *Note that the 5 and 4 are reversed in the number list above. This is what flips the scroll wheel's direction.

Unplug the mouse for five seconds and then plug it back in.