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Microsoft Abandons the Edge Browser.

Microsoft building Chrome-based browser to replace Edge on Windows 10

Why is Microsoft spending ANY money on building browsers? Why does Microsoft *NEED* a browser? They've NEVER been good at making them. Let Firefox and Chrome have the browser "market".

I simply don't get why Windows NEEDS to have a "default" browser. Especially one so deeply ingrained into the operating system that it cannot be removed. The only thing the people that I know, use Edge for is to install Chrome and Firefox on a new Windows machine. I wish I could uninstall it after that. It seems a tremendous waste of money for Microsoft to keep investing in browser development. ANYTHING Microsoft deliver will be thought a joke, and only used to ... download Chrome and/or Firefox in a new installation.

In the corporate world eight to ten years ago, ALL websites only had to be IE compatible. Now I regularly see corporate websites that say "Do not use Internet Explorer. This site will only work on modern browsers like Chrome or Firefox." No mention of Edge EVER.

Microsoft. Focus on creating a stable, high-performance, secure operating system that doesn't spy on its users, and let other people worry about building the application stack.

The best things you've  ever done application-wise is the Office Suite (except for Outlook) and the Visual Studio development tool stack. Your servers like SQL Server and IIS are great too, but your other client software has always sucked - Microsoft Bob anyone?.

Your browsers have been garbage for so long that they are perceived as a slightly off-color, mildly offensive joke that just makes people roll their eyes and quietly wish it would just stop. Edge may be a technologically superior application, but nobody is ever going to use it in any real numbers, and whatever you replace it with will be treated the same way.  You've lost the browser war so thoroughly, that you're like Hiroo Onoda; the Japanese soldier found in the Philippine Lubang jungle in 1974, not having been told the war was over. At least that fine man was driven by an overwhelming sense of honor.

Stop fighting a war that's been over for years, and go do something you're good at.