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Foxit's PDF to Word Convertor Seriously Misses The Mark

Today I was working on a PDF document that needed some changes. For instance, the part where you are supposed to enter your name and address looks like this...

...and the form is not editable. If I were to just print it out, I'd have to use White-Out to cover that up, then find my old typewriter so I can fill in the right information.

While looking at the document in Foxit Reader, I see a link at the top, advertising their "Free PDF to Word Covertor!" so I bonk on it and upload the file.

The resulting *.docx file it returned to me contains the result of taking a screen-shot image of each of the PDF pages, and pasting each one into a word document. It made absolutely no attempt to actually convert a simple text-based PDF document into editable text in a Word document. Purely useless.

I noticed in the botton-right corner of the web page, a little javascript chat window asking me if I needed help. I clicked it and typed "I really don't need help, but since you're asking... your PDF to Word convertor sucks."

They replied, "Great!".

Does anybody actually test any of their software?