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Phillip H. Blanton

Welcome to phillipblanton.com. It's where I post my rambling, sometimes incoherent babbling.

Breaking Software for fun and profit.

I like designing, developing and securing software.

I also like breaking and violating software designed by others, and then showing them how to harden it so that someone with malicious intent doesn't come along and exploit it for evil purposes.

Stuff I have going on

I am always in the midst of many projects. Some of them are listed below and I'll add more as they spin up.
Killing Cancer

Fighting Cancer

In January of 2024 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Learn more about that and how its going.

One of my business partners has set up a GoFundMe for it, and you can see that here.

House Remodel

We are in the midst of remodeling our house in Black Forest. Mary Ann and I are doing most of the work ourselves, and occasionally hiring helpers when we can afford it.

Click here to follow our self-remodeling journey


ArgentWorks is a home-improvement and construction materials distribution company that I am starting up with friends.

I plan on it taking up most of my retirement to-do list.

Current Events

Here is where I post my thoughts on current events.

You'll find things here addressing politics and religion. If you are offended, then thanks!

Help Me Fight Cancer!

My friends have set up a GoFundMe page for me, to help offset the expenses of fighting my cancer. if you’d like to help, I’d really appreciate it.