Will Biden’s courtship of seniors make a difference in November?

That’s the question in the title of this article from TheWeek.com. It is a stupid question in modern context, but ten years ago it would have been relevant.

Back in the olden-days, Democrats and the media would only have to say that the Republican of the day wanted to take away their social security, or medicare, and the seniors would run to the ballot box to pull the lever for the Democrat as fast as they could. Who could blame them?

I however, paid closer attention and always recognized these pathetic attempts to scare seniors for exactly what they were; and I still do.

This article is a hope-piece written by the type of person who doesn’t feel the ground shifting beneath them. These are people like the ones on CNN and MSNBC who are terrified, more than puzzled at why the old lies and tactics aren’t working anymore. They keep throwing the old tactics at Trump and his supporters but that stuff doesn’t work anymore and it is simply maddening to them that it doesn’t.

The article goes on to hope…

“If seniors vote as expected in November, the election “between two historically old candidates would upend long-held assumptions about how Americans vote,” said Axios. This rings especially true given that “preserving democracy has emerged as one of the clearest dividing lines between younger and older voters.”

This “Preserving Democracy” trope is another old vestigial piece of bullshit that doesn’t connect anymore. The United States is not and has never been a “Democracy”. You see now that these media organizations are clutching their pearls and pushing the narrative that they are so surprised that Trump supporters are saying this. They have been pushing the idea that the US is a Democracy for so long now that there simply shouldn’t be any people left who know the truth, that the US is, and always has been a Representative Republic.

Sure, we are a bit of a democracy on election day, but after we elect our representatives, THEY are the ones who vote on the rest of the stuff for us. The ONLY things we get to vote for are the people who will represent us, and a few local ballot issues. Since the American people don’t vote on every little bill or policy then we ARE NOT a Democracy.

  • A Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
  • A constitutional republic is those same animals voting on who will go make that decision; while that fourth animal is bound by a constitution that has rules in it like, “wolves cannot eat lambs for lunch.”

But to finally get around to answering the question posed in the article’s title, “Will Biden’s courtship of seniors make a difference in November?” The simple answer is no. The American people are fed up with the corruption in our government and seniors are more attuned to that than any other age group. They’ve seen America go from a respected nation on the world stage to a laughing stock and aren’t about it anymore. There is no amount of pandering that Biden can do that will put the brakes on the Democrat slide into Hell.

Seniors are old, –and I’m getting there– but they aren’t stupid.

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