Cancer Treatment in Houston; Two-Weeks in.

This Sunday we will have been in Houston for two weeks and are getting settled in to the rhythm of living in an RV park.

We’re staying at the Lakeview RV Resort in Houston which is very nice. We borrowed a travel trailer from my sister Ginger and her husband Neil. It’s tight with Mary Ann, me and our Golden Retriever Jasper, but we’re getting used to it.

On the treatment front, I had some markers and HydroGel placed on June 3rd, and I go in for HDR Brachytherapy on Tuesday. That’s the surgical, cutty, stitchy, radioactive procedure I’ve been dreading the most. I look forward to it being over.

After about a week to ten days of recovery then they start on the radiation treatment, which I’m told will be 23 treatments. That’s one a day Monday through Friday with the weekends off. If everything gets started on or about the 17th, then I should be done with treatment on July 17th.

Overall it sucks, but I am treating it like a vacation where I have to stop having fun periodically and go have bad things done to me. We are enjoying exploring Houston. My nephew Luke Forney (Tobey’s son) graduates from high School tomorrow and we are going to the Kemah boardwalk and eating at Landry’s to celebrate. We have a Landry’s in Denver and I’m wondering if there is any difference between it, and one that sits on the edge of the ocean. I am looking forward to it.

All things considered though, don’t get Cancer. It sucks.

If you are a man, get your PSA tested regularly. It’s cheap and could save your life!

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