CT Simulation Complete

Yesterday I went through the CT Simulation procedure.

They put me in a CT machine and aligned my body with some lasers to make sure I was straight.

Then they took a CT scan to locate the tumor in my prostate, and made some marks on my body that would help the radiation machine line up with the tumor when they start the radiation treatments.

They then gave me three small tattoos that the CT machine can see, so that when I go in each day for radiation treatment, they can make sure that I am in the same spot each day.

Dr. Mohammad is planning my treatment now with a team of Oncologists and Radiation Physicists. The treatment is scheduled to start on Tuesday June 25 and will go every day, Monday through Friday, until July 26th 2024. It will be a total of 23 radiation treatments.

I have friends who have gone through this before. Some with regular radiation like me, and some with Protons. I did ask about Proton Therapy and Dr. Mohammad said that though Proton Therapy has some good theoretical benefits, he has not seen much of a difference in the outcomes between the two different types of cancer therapy. Since the cost of Proton Therapy is two to three times the cost of regular beam radiation, and I am a pragmatist, I decided to go with regular radiation treatment coupled with HDR Brachetherapy, which I have already completed.

I have high hopes, but cancer sucks. Don’t get it.

If you are a man, get your PSA tested. It’s cheap and just may save your life!

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