The Story of Two Mikes

I have two really good friends named Mike. Mike Welch and Mike York.

Today Mike York set up a GoFund me to help defray the excessive costs of cancer treatment. After the GoFund Me went live, Mike Welch made a sizeable donation.

I am touched beyond words and wanted to make a post here to just give them both a deep and grateful “Thank you!”. I have always like giving but am not so good at receiving. This has me in a bit of an emotional state right now, and that is uncharacteristic for me.

I updated this site to include links for the GoFundMe page in case anyone who reads my drivel decides that you want to help us as well. You certainly don’t have to and aren’t expected to, but if you want to it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you Mike and Mike! and thank you all for visiting my site and supporting me in my fight against cancer. It touches me more deeply than words can describe.

I guess I’ll have to update this site more frequently so that everyone is kept up-to-date on the fight.

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